Slurped-Up by a Forehead

When I was young, like nearly everyone, I wanted to look older than the number of candles on my birthday cake suggested I was. I would take it as a serious compliment when someone would try to guess my age and they overshot by two or three years, and I’d spend the remainder of the … Continue reading

Monsters, of the Fattest Variety

Some girls enjoy playing games where they pretend to be princesses, and if certain cartoons are to be believed(which they aren’t), there are an awful lot of princesses running around the world. The vast majority of them imply that a princess wears fancy dresses and drinks tea. A princess has to follow certain palace rules, … Continue reading

Monsters and Crotch-Rockets

AAAAAHHH! Run for the hills! Alert the townsfolk that there’s a big scary monster coming this way. Quick, before it’s too late. I was sitting at my desk and working last week, while Stinky and Smelly were on the floor behind me colouring pictures. Every so often I would glance back and see what sorts … Continue reading