There’s No Man Singing

This morning I sat in front of the computer, determined to blog, I discovered that I was at a complete loss of what to write about. The more I scratch my head, trying desperately to come up with an idea, the more ideas seem to elude me. It’s similar to when you’re trying to sleep, … Continue reading

Fun and Excitement on a PEI Beach

It’s always amazing how the things a person can discover at the beach will vary by such large degrees, even if the beaches are relatively close to one another. For example, I’ve never stumbled across an old wooden lobster trap here in Nova Scotia, even though the lobster industry is just as prominent, and yet, … Continue reading

How to Name a Frog

This past weekend we, along with a set of grandparents, spent a few days on Prince Edward Island. You might think that since the ferry is only a short drive from our house we would have been there sometime in the past three years that we’ve lived here, but no, we had not. As a … Continue reading