My Girly Daughter

To say that Saarah is “girly” is like describing a hurricane as “a gentle spring zephyr”. She is absolutely obsessed with pink and frilly things, pretty dresses, and of course all things pertaining to faeries and princesses. She is all too keen to pretend to do her make up with Mama(call me crazy, but I … Continue reading

Beem-bomisms Friday – Eating Worms

Holy smokes, is it really Friday already?! Apparently it is. Oh, that reminds me, I have to flip my desk calendar to today. I wonder if it’ll be funny. Wait right there, and I’ll go check. Hmm, not even mildly. Well that’s a bit of a let down. Where was I? Oh yeah, it’s Friday, … Continue reading

Snow Castles

When building a castle of snow, one must first determine the ideal location. Now, it is my experience that, for the purposes of defending oneself, a hill top is preferred. While this will make for getting to the location, for the purposes of construction, more difficult, it will work to your advantage in the end. … Continue reading

Outfits By Saarah

The children, being the independent little souls that they are, enjoy being allowed to pick their own clothes. While this may have all sorts of wonderful, and positive effects on the psyche of preschoolers, it also has the propensity to produce some peculiar clothing combinations. Tevye caught on quite quickly to which clothes look nice … Continue reading

Vintage Saarah Chayah – 12.12.10

As promised, albeit a couple of days late, I have put together a selection of vintage Saarah pictures. I meant to have this up on Friday, but I was very busy all day and didn’t even remember that I hadn’t done this until 10 at night, when it was far too late to begin such … Continue reading

Can You Hear Me?

The kids have been playing a game lately which involves plenty of shouting and ridiculous child-logic. I don’t know that it’s a game, so much as it is a way to drive me nuts. Of course, finding new and innovative ways of driving their poor tatte nuts can be a game, in and of itself. … Continue reading

Beem-Bomisms Friday – The Ludicrous Hamburger

Well here we are for another edition of “Beem-bomisms Fridays”, where I give you a taste of the ridiculous and wacky things that come out of my children’s mouths. Even though last Friday had a different name, it’s the same idea. There are a couple that I’ll tell you about that were discussed either in … Continue reading

Queen of the Photo-Bomb

The other day I had to take Tevye to the optometrist, because when we registered him for school it was discovered that he has no depth perception. Now, this came as quite a shock to me, as he and I play hockey in the basement all the time, and he’s got a one-timer as good … Continue reading

Picture 12.09.10 “Vintage Tevye”

BS”D I’ve been rather busy lately, it seems, and I have neglected my picture-taking responsibilities. I was thinking about it this morning, and while the children are just as cute and ridiculous as ever, I just haven’t remembered to take pictures over the past few days. So, frustrated with the fact that I’ve been forgetting, … Continue reading