Secondhand Stories

While I was working over the weekend, Mamacita and the Stink-Generators(if we ever start a family band that’s what we’re going with. I’ve just decided, and I doubt anything more awesome could be created) decided it would be a good idea to spend the day at the beach. Who could blame them?! It warmed right … Continue reading

Getting Ready to Play in the Snow

Yesterday morning, from the moment they woke up, Tevye and Saarah were excited to play in the snow. More than that, they were desperate to play with the boy who lives across the street. I assured them that once it warmed up a little, in the afternoon, we would be able to play outside. The … Continue reading

Baoentoims Day

On the weekend we informed the kids that Valentines Day was this week. Upon this discovery, Saarah was so excited that when she started jumping up and down, she almost put her head through the ceiling. She’s a big fan of the day, despite the fact that she was completely unaware of any meaning or … Continue reading

Too Darn Cold

While I try and get the kids outside as much as I can, there are some days that it’s just too darn cold or miserable. This past weekend, and now today, really exemplify that. On Saturday it warmed up to three degrees, which, if it had been sunny would have been a terrific day to … Continue reading

01.24.2012 Kids in Space

After we were finished sliding down the hill, some of us on sleds, others on their bums, we crossed the street and the kids were desperate to play at the playground. Playgrounds are significantly more fun when it’s cold out, if for no other reason than the slides are ridiculously fast. Thankfully the padding of … Continue reading

01.23.2012 Saucer Speed

“Going for a new amateur recreational saucer sled land speed record, [Saarah Chayah Callow]” Yesterday, while it was cold, was the perfect day for sledding. With the temperature, taking the windchill into account, hovering around -18, we got all bundled up, each wearing no less than 247 layers. Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of an … Continue reading