Photography of a Three-Year-Old – Part Two

If you’re just joining us here at “Musings”, or if you just want to go back and check out the first part in this series, you can view it here. Once again I was mostly unaware that Saarah had gained access to the camera while we were at Soccer Practice over the weekend, and once … Continue reading


This weekend marked the very first soccer practice for Tevye and Saarah. Leading up to the big day, Saarah was quite excited, but Tevye was nervous. He was worried that his coach might not be very nice, or that he might yell and be angry. For the first while I was unable to figure out … Continue reading

Ministry of Silly Walks or My Daughter, the Jedi

Yesterday was an extraordinarily warm day. While the picture may lead you to believe it was a little chilly outside, what with my children being in bulky sweaters, and all, it was actually 16C. I was down to a t-shirt, and not the slightest bit cold. The kids just refused to take their sweaters off. … Continue reading