See ya Later, Alligator

Certain sayings, rhymes, and general dumb stuff seem to transcend generations. Things that we used to say when we were young and we thought were pretty nifty. We were always amazed when our parents had heard these things long before we came along, and somehow that took all the fun out of them. The next … Continue reading

The Griswold Family Christmas Tree

Given that all of the handsome husbands in this house happen to be Jewish(alright, so there’s only one, but his dashing good looks are so intense that it’s been said that there’s enough handsome for three men), we celebrate Chanukah(see “Sucks to Christmas, We’ve Got Doughnuts“). But wait, order one winter holiday now, and we’ll … Continue reading

When I was a Boy

If it wasn’t bad enough that I’ve broke my hip in the past year, been forced to use a walker, and completely fail to understand the youth of today, my son has a unique way of reaffirming just how old I am. Over the past two nights, he and I have been reading a book … Continue reading

And You Thought I was Nuts

Yesterday, from the moment I woke up, until the time that I went to bed(or rather, fell asleep on the couch while watching the Habs game), my hip was sore. Of course, that meant that I was walking around all day telling everyone “My hip’s acting up. Must be a storm a’brewin’”. As usual, people … Continue reading

Slurped-Up by a Forehead

When I was young, like nearly everyone, I wanted to look older than the number of candles on my birthday cake suggested I was. I would take it as a serious compliment when someone would try to guess my age and they overshot by two or three years, and I’d spend the remainder of the … Continue reading

He’s YOUR Son

Normally a phrase used by mothers to imply that their son is doing something completely absurd or stupid that he could have ONLY picked up from his father. If not for teaching their sons how to act like morons, what is the ultimate point of fathers, anyway? It doesn’t even matter if the act of … Continue reading

I’ll Be Hugging You

When I started blogging again, I mentioned that I was hoping to start working in the near future. Well, as my first week of daily posts, followed by a week with only one might suggest, I was able to procure suitable employment. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you, but I did it. I had … Continue reading

Giant Slingshots, Corn, and Pumpkins

On Sunday(was it Sunday, or Monday? Oh, right, we were making Thanksgiving supper on Monday, and Saturday we were at the dreaded Mall, so it must’ve been Sunday) we went to one of those corn maze, pumpkin patch, fall-ridiculousness things. It’s located about an hour away, in the town of Truro. Now Truro is the … Continue reading

Oh Hellllllooooo!

My lovely son has some absolutely ridiculous habits. Things that are completely unnecessary to continue existing, or even have any impact on daily life, but he’s insistent. My absolute favourite of his ridiculous habits is when we’re in the car. As soon as we arrive at our destination, at EVERY destination(really, it doesn’t matter if … Continue reading

Local News Agency Confirms True Identity of Spiderman

After years of speculation and wondering, the true identity of the superhero known as Spiderman, has been confirmed. For many years, it was rumoured that a young photographer, by the name of Peter Parker, was the man behind the mask, but recently that has been disproved. Parker had everyone believing that he was responsible for … Continue reading