01.24.2012 Kids in Space

After we were finished sliding down the hill, some of us on sleds, others on their bums, we crossed the street and the kids were desperate to play at the playground. Playgrounds are significantly more fun when it’s cold out, if for no other reason than the slides are ridiculously fast. Thankfully the padding of the kids’ snow pants seems to protect their bums on impact. It’s not like they’re gently sliding off the end, and only sometimes missing their footing, oh no. They tend to shoot off the end with all the force and speed of a rocket, and, while it hasn’t been proven or tested, I believe that if the angle of the end of the slide were pointed up instead of down, Tevye and Saarah might end up orbiting the earth. Of course if this were to happen, I would only chuckle and exclaim with all of the gusto I could manage “PIGSSS IIIINN SPAAAACE!”, such is the loving father that I am.

Of course, this has never happened, nor will it ever happen, but wouldn’t it be great if it did! As a matter of fact, let’s ask Saarah if she thinks it would be a good idea.

“Hey Saarah, do you think it would be fun to be launched into space using only a snowy slide at the park and slippery snow pants?”

Well, that looks like an emphatic “yes” to me. Well I guess that means that I’m going to have to get busy constructing a slide.

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