A T-Rex Named Sue

While Tevye was cracking jokes about Sue the Tyrannosaurs Rex, he didn’t realize that she was standing right behind him.

Last spring Sue the T Rex came to the Museum of Natural History in Halifax, and Tevye and I demanded that we be allowed to go and see for ourselves. Nicole, ever eager to please, said yes. Awesome! So we got all bundled up and drove to the big city. For some reason it was STILL snowing in April, and our car still had no working heater. Let me tell you, it can be a long drive to Halifax when you have no heat in the car and it’s below freezing, and since there’s no heat, in order to keep the windshield clear you have to keep the windows open. Thankfully we now have a new car and no longer have to deal with that.

So even though it was so cold, Tevye was insistent that he be allowed to wear his T-Rex t shirt. I informed him, in case he’d forgotten, that it was cold and he’d need to wear a sweater and jacket on top. He was rather put off by my suggestion, insisting that Sue the T-Rex needed to see his shirt. I once again informed him that Sue wasn’t living, and as such, wouldn’t care what was on his shirt. For some reason, this matter took some reminding before it sunk in. I had to summon my inner John Cleese and remind him that she had shuffled off her mortal coil, was stiff, bereft of life, she rests in peace. She’s rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. This was an ex-dinosaur!

He eventually figured it out, but he was still insistent that he be allowed to unzip his sweater upon arrival at the museum. “Fine, it will shut you up, er, I mean, yes, once we’re inside.”

We were all very impressed by the gigantic size of this beast, and I think that, in the end, Tevye was pretty glad that it wasn’t able to roar, walk, and eat any longer.

Saarah also enjoyed looking at Sue. When we went to another part of the museum and saw a black bear, well that was just too darn scary for her and she buried her head in my sweater until we were clear.


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