Upstairs Hockey and Our Magical Basement

There are two sorts of hockey played in our household; Basement Hockey, consisting of regular sticks and a classic orange hockey ball. We use a clothes-drying rack turned on its side as a net, and a goal crease made from hockey tape on the cement floor. Then there’s Upstairs Hockey, consisting of small hockey sticks and a soft ball that can’t possibly damage anything.

As may be obvious, the kids were playing Upstairs Hockey this morning, and everything was going along swimmingly until the ball went “bounce, bounce, bounce” all the way down the stairs. Always looking for an excuse to venture down to the basement, Tevye volunteered to go retrieve the ball.

Now, I can’t be certain, but I do believe our basement may be some magical place, perhaps containing some sort of portal or vortex. The kids seem to think that it is a most wondrous place, and must be visited at any and every opportunity. While I don’t share their sense of adoration for our cold, smelly(predominantly due to the cats, and all their assortment of scents and odours), soul destroying basement, but I will vouch for its mystery, and possible magic powers. There are things that I’m certain I’ve put down there and I haven’t seen them in years(I put my sander down there two and a half years ago, and I haven’t seen it since. Both Nicole and I have torn that damn basement apart, though it remains elusive. Now when things go missing, my immediate response is “It’s probably with my (superlative) sander”). Sometimes the cats will be down there for days on end, leaving us to assume they somehow got outside and run away(’tis but a dream), only to saunter up the stairs in search of food after all hope was lost.

So whether he was hoping to nip off to Narnia for a bit, or just continue the hockey game, Tevye went in search of the ball. A few minutes later, a faint call could be heard drifting up the steps, informing both Saarah and myself that the ball was not to be found. So the two of us went down to help in the search.

After five minutes of unsuccessful perusing, I gave up and started up the steps. As soon as I was out of sight, Tevye announced that he had found it. Of course he had. He probably knew where it was the whole time and was just messing with me.

When we got back upstairs, the game resumed, but Saarah wasn’t playing nicely, so she got a penalty:


4 Responses to “Upstairs Hockey and Our Magical Basement”
  1. heather says:

    Cool. I want magic basement!

  2. Looks like some good, indoor Canadian fun!

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