Picture 01.31.11 “Pharaonic or Papal? You Be The Judge”

BS”D Just as the kids enjoy stealing my slippers whenever they’re not on my feet, they are also prone to stealing pretty much anything of mine when I’m not utilizing it. I had left my Leafs toque on the ledge near the side door one day so that it might dry out after being in … Continue reading

Picture 01.28.10 “The Joy of Painting”

BS”D With all of the cold weather lately, we’ve been running low on ideas for ways to entertain the children. The other day we decided they should take up painting. So that’s what they did. It turns out that this was a great idea, as they sat still for well over an hour, behaving themselves … Continue reading

Picture 01.20.11 “Poorly-Timed Kisses”

BS”D Saarah and Nicole were riding on the plasma car and Saarah was full of kisses for Nicole. Since it was such a cute scene, I tried my darndest to capture it with a photo. The only problem with this theory, and I really don’t know why I expected to happen, is that as soon … Continue reading

Picture 01.19.11 “Fancy Fancy”

BS”D Both of our children love books. It doesn’t matter if it’s a children’s story, or one of Mama & Tatte’s books. The content of the book doesn’t seem to matter, either. They, of course, have their favourite stories that we are obligated to read at least three times per day. Currently Saarah’s favourite series … Continue reading

Picture 01.14.10 “The Purloined Slippers”

BS”D While these may very well be the best looking slippers ever created, they also provide hours of entertainment for my children. If I should happen to take my slippers off for any reason, they will inevitably be snatched up by a pair of small hands within a matter of seconds. Generally the game consists … Continue reading

Picture 01.13.11 “Sticky Socks”

BS”D Our delightful daughter has become a bit of a neat-freak lately, and while it’s nice when she’s eager to put her dishes away, there have been some times lately when it’s just downright ridiculous. We recently purchased new tights and socks for Saarah, and she was very excited right up until the moment they … Continue reading

Picture 01.12.11 “The Creation of (snow)Man”

BS”D Nicole and the kids went outside on the weekend to build a snowman, while I stayed indoors baking olive focaccia(it didn’t turn out as well as it did last time, but it was still delicious). Upon coming to the understanding of the day’s outdoor activity, Saarah got straight to work, gathering snow in her … Continue reading

Picture 01.04.11 – Shark Attack!

BS”D I came out of the shower the other morning to discover a half-dressed Tevye, with his shirt partially on, pretending to be a shark. I don’t know if it was Nicole’s idea or Tevye’s , but it was pretty funny either way. He spent the next half hour running around, chasing the cats and … Continue reading