Old Man Tevye

The picture that I chose was taken many years ago. You may have already noticed, as both the kids are in strollers, and my beard is significantly longer. Also, it’s pretty obvious that the ice rink in the picture ISN’T the one in the town that we live in now(duh!). Wait a minute, I just … Continue reading

The Most Interesting Boy in the World

I’m not entirely certain how he plans to accomplish everything, but T-Max has BIG plans for when he’s all grown up. He may only be six years old, but he’s put together a lifetime to-do list that would rival that of most adults. Ask Tevye what he wants to do when he grows up, and … Continue reading

We Now Return to Regularly-Scheduled Blogging

I apologize for not blogging more in the past few weeks, but there have been numerous distractions. We had some guests with us for a few weeks, which was very nice. There was also the issue of the Giro d’Italia being broadcast at exactly the same time I’m normally sitting down to blog. Not only … Continue reading

Go Hesjedal Go!

The kids and I, and to a lesser extent Mama, have been watching the Giro d’Italia each and every morning. Aside from the fact that it’s a terrific three week, absolutely grueling bike race all over Italy, overshadowed in prestige only by the Tour de France, Ryder Hesjedal, from Victoria, BC, Canada was named Captain … Continue reading


This weekend marked the very first soccer practice for Tevye and Saarah. Leading up to the big day, Saarah was quite excited, but Tevye was nervous. He was worried that his coach might not be very nice, or that he might yell and be angry. For the first while I was unable to figure out … Continue reading