Secondhand Stories

While I was working over the weekend, Mamacita and the Stink-Generators(if we ever start a family band that’s what we’re going with. I’ve just decided, and I doubt anything more awesome could be created) decided it would be a good idea to spend the day at the beach. Who could blame them?! It warmed right … Continue reading

Ever-Expanding Artistic Talents

Woah, hold up there! You mean to tell me that anything about that picture constitutes “artistic talent”? As a matter of fact, I do. Alright, so I’m actually more impressed by the details that Tevye is now including in his drawings. For a long time he drew heads, which included eyes and a mouth, with … Continue reading

Photography of a Three-Year-Old

Somehow little Miss Saarah Chayah will end up gaining access to the camera on occasion. She will then proceed to take copious numbers of pictures of everything that she sees. She pays no heed to whether the picture is of an interesting subject, or is even in focus, she just enjoys pressing the button. The … Continue reading

Please Don’t Put the Olive in your Nose

It’s Friday, which brings two things to the forefront of my semi-functioning parental brain: The first one is that there’s currently snow everywhere. I was under the impression that, after it all melted late last week that we were done. Apparently I was wrong in my assumption, and I’m none-too-happy about it. Since the man … Continue reading

Perhaps I Need to Get Out More

As we were eating lunch, my gaze wandered to the shelf in the kitchen, and I noticed that this particular jar was somewhat similar in nature to Tevye. Most people would probably just chuckle warmly to themselves. I, however, made a label, so that I might have many warm chuckles in the future.  

Stinky Cheese Toes

These may appear to be ordinary toes, five on each foot(I made sure to count), with no remarkable features. They may look as though they have a rather unassuming existence, providing the level of service expected of any set of toes. Their presence at the end of my daughter’s tiny feet may seem as though … Continue reading

Like an Elephant

I’ve previously mentioned Tevye’s memory, and how remarkable it is, especially when applied to recalling exact locations of previous popcorn-acquisition. You can tell the boy something, not mention it for over a year, and he will start talking about it completely out of the blue. It’s generally one of those moments when Mama and I … Continue reading

Beem-bomisms Friday – What’s the Point?!

Over the course of the past week, my ridiculous children have said some pretty wacky things, and as a result, made this post incredibly easy to put together. Last Saturday night, we had a few things to pick up at the grocery store. The kids can sometimes be, shall we say “less than angelic” while … Continue reading

It’s Purim, Baby!

My children wearing costumes and the fact that I’m feeling slightly hungover this morning would lead me to believe that it is Purim today. For those of you unfamiliar with this peculiar celebration on the Jewish calendar, click here for a quick synopsis of the holiday. The kids were, as usual, all too keen to … Continue reading

The Popcorn and Sausage Maker

Tevye and Saarah love popcorn. They adore popcorn. They have an obsession with popcorn. If any sort of opportunity arises where popcorn might be an option, they will hound us to no end, their cries becoming ever louder and more urgent, until we either give in or… well that’s really the only option. If we’ve … Continue reading